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Ice Choir - A Vision Of Hell, 1996 (Doom MIDI Version)

OP-ED: Jorge Elbrecht

It’s rare (read: never) that someone waxes poetic about music I’ve created, and rarer still when it comes from someone who I deeply respect as a fellow songwriter and producer. So, needless to say, I was surprised/shocked/flattered when Jorge sent me this. Think of it as a companion piece to a first-time listen of “Afar,” or a beautiful and thoughtful vivisection of an album from the same steady hand that wielded the scalpel behind the mixing desk:


Also, be sure to check out Jorge’s remix of “I Want You Now And Always” below!


Ice Choir - I Want You Now And Always (Jorge Elbrecht of Violens Remix)

Fan art by Reiko Kimura
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